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Russian Defence Ministry Accepts Terminator 2 Tank Support Vehicle for Service; Potential For Exports in Near Future

May 07th - 2018

Designed based on Russia’s experience fighting entrenched and heavily armed insurgent forces during the Chechen Wars, the BMPT-2 Terminator was designed as a highly effective tanks support vehicle providing massive firepower to support for Russian armoured units. The platform was designed to counter a number of threats, but is particularly valued for its city fighting capabilities against enemy infantry, a field in which battle tanks have frequently struggled historically. The Terminator 2 is equipped with two 30mm cannons, two 30mm grenade launchers, four 130-mm Ataka T anti-tank guided missiles, a 7.62mm machine gun and two smoke grenade launchers. It can engage multiple targets simultaneously with its various weapons systems, and is able to detect threats within 5km and engage infantry, armoured vehicles and and helicopters. The BMPT-2 is based on the chassis of the T-72, and can be exported as an upgrade for the T-72 allowing states already deploying the widely operated Soviet armoured platform to modify them for a tank support role.

In early 2018 Russia’s Defence Ministry accepted the BMPT-2 tank support combat vehicle for active service, which marked the beginning of their serial deliveries to the Russian ground forces. "The tank support combat vehicle dubbed the Terminator has been accepted for service and is being serially delivered to the Russian army. The first batch of vehicles has already been handed over to the military," according to a report by Russian defence manufacturer Uralvagonzavod. The armoured vehicles are set to take part in Russia’s May 9th victory parade in Red Square alongside a number of new pieces of military hardware. Several of countries have shown significant interest in acquiring the BMPT-2, including most notably Syria and Israel which have both seen their armoured units suffer heavy losses in recent years when attempting to launch offensives in cities against heavily armed adversaries. With the T-72 widely operated, and with few comparable tank support systems available from other suppliers, the BMPT-2 could well become a popular export for the Russian armed forces in future.


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