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Russian Military Leadership Express Confidence in New T-14 Armata Battle Tank

March 13th - 2018

Russia’s state of the art T-14 Armata main battle tanks, the only fourth generation platform in service outside East Asia, are set to integrate a number of new features unseen on any previous weapons systems. Russian Ground Forces Commander Col. Gen. Oleg Salyukov revealed that the tanks would be integrated into an automatic system of tactical troop and weapons control. He noted that the manufacturers had been working to bring the battle tank up to speed and ensure than onboard systems were fine tuned - which would precede the beginning of mass production. The General stated regarding one of the all new systems pioneered by the new battle tank: “The T-14 Armata uses an innovative arrangement with an armored capsule for the crew, ammunition and fuel, and remote-controlled fire control system. This notably improves the tank’s survivability on the battlefield."

Regarding the T-14's survivability, General Salyukov noted that the Armata’s was designed with stealth capabilities, making it difficult to lock on to with precision weapons. The tank's active protection system meanwhile ensured timely detection and destruction of incoming munitions. He stated in regards to the capabilities of the Armata's reactive armour: “Even if hit, the tank’s explosive reactive armor ensures a high degree of protection against all existing anti-tank weapons."

Other notable features include the battle tank's new generation 125mm cannon, complete with newly designed specialised munitions and an all weather digital fire control system capable of destroying even the most heavily protected targets. General Salyukov noted the T-14's "virtually unlimited potential for modernisation and automation." He claimed that the new battle tank would leave behind almost all mass produced battle tanks currently in service in Russia and abroad. The Israeli Merkava IV, Chinese Type 099, South Korean K2 and Japanese Type 10 could well be the only exceptions - with the latter two being the only fourth generation battle tanks currently in service outside Russia.


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